bellatextiles is a constantly evolving collection of my handweaving
For more than two decades, weaving in natural fibres has been my profession and my passion.

The bellatextiles gallery is filled with simple, timeless, elegant garments woven from the finest merino wool, alpaca, hand dyed luxurious silk, tencel or bamboo yarns. The quality, drape, lustre, subtlety of pattern, rich colour and simple flattering shape of each piece has created a recognisable bellatextiles look.

I find it exciting and rewarding to explore ways of harnessing modern technologies with traditional techniques to handcraft one-off, elegant, natural pieces that have relevance in the 21st century.
I weave on a number of looms but primarily on a 32 shaft Louet dobby loom. I use Fiberworks software to design and to add a new dimension to my weaving.

If you are interested in a handwoven piece you have seen on this site please contact me.